Flower and Sugar

A Peek into Our Holidays

We made a few holiday cookies that didn’t make it onto the blog and I also wanted to share a few of Matt’s pictures that were not food related. (He occasionally takes pictures of people too!)

These were some malted cookies that made it onto our cookie tray this year. They were kind of a pain to make so I don’t think they’ll be coming back next year. But they do come from my favorite cookie book – Martha Stewart’s Cookies.

This was our Christmas tree! I love how we had a full sized tree this year instead of an apartment tree!

My Grandfather puts together a HUGE Christmas Village every year. Matt went over and took some pictures of it one evening. Some of them turned out super cute!

These were eggnog muffins that never made it onto the blog.

Christmas is about hanging out with family and friends. We did a ton of that over the last 2 weeks!

And I think Matt got the most appropriate Christmas give ever during our Secret Santa exchange.

Hope you had a nice holiday season as well!


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