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Our Top 5 Recipes of 2012

To start out the New Year we thought we’d show you our top recipes from 2012!

Our 5th most popular recipe was these Surprise Cookies. They are a super rich and fudgy cookie with a sweet surprise in the middle. It’s no surprise they made the list ☺

Our 4th most popular recipe of 2012 was the Honey-Roasted Chickpeas. This was not a super popular recipe at our house, but the concept and the pictures were nice.

Our third most popular recipe was Creamy Baked Taquitos. This is an excellent make ahead and freeze recipe – makes me want to pick up a rotisserie chicken! We have a few variations on this recipe to try and share in 2013.

Our second most popular recipe was Mini Quiche. You can fill these with veggies and they make a nice presentation for a brunch. It also leaves off the crust, so they are a bit healthier than a traditional quiche.

Our most popular recipe of 2012 was the Oreo Brookies! These were a fun cookie, and one of Matt's first great pictures with the DSLR that he got last year for the hoildays.

We also wanted to share a few of our favorites (they’re all treats! We have a bit of a sweet tooth)

Matt’s favorite were these Soft Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. I think he likes anything peanut butter and chocolate, but this cookie is soft, chewy, and has multiple layers of peanut butter and chocolate – so it’s not a big surprise to me that this was his pick.

My favorite were these Fudgy Brownies. I’m a HUGE fan of fudge brownies. In fact we’ve made a few brownie and blondie recipes that never made it onto the blog because they were too cakey for me. This will probably be my go-to brownie for 2013!

We wanted to share one more favorite with you. This recipe tends to be the favorite of my in-person followers that I hang out with at work. I think I made this recipe 4-5 times this year for various things – including celebrating the end of constant studying for the pharmacy certification that I took this year! These are the Brewers Blondies. A foolproof , one-bowl, malted blondie recipe that is to die for!


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