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Capital Brewery Tour

Recently Matt and I went on a beer tour with my brother an his girlfriend at Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin. We got a behind the scenes tour of how they make and keg their beers as well as a few tastes.

This is me trying their dark beer (You might remember it from here) when we baked this beer into brownies. When the bartender asked me what I wanted to try and I told him I didn’t care for darker beers he insisted I try their dark. He also taught me it is supposed to be enjoyed at a warmer temperate, which makes it less bitter. I was surprised that I did enjoy their dark once it warmed up a bit.

This is an antique sign of the beer making process. Sorry for the dark photo – the brewery was a bit dark.

This is the kettle where they boil the components that go into the beer.

Matt tried the hopp cream beer (which he thought was pretty good) as well as the Autumnal Fire (which he thought was really really good).

It was a fun afternoon hanging out with my brother on a rainy afternoon. Hopefully this tour inspired Matt to try his hand at making beer again.


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