Flower and Sugar

We’re Trying to Grow a Garden: Part 3

We’ll I’ve learned quite a bit about the garden so far this year. We also had an addition to the garden. The owl’s name is DJ Hoot Hoot – named by Matt and his co-workers. We had a bit of a gopher problem and they were digging up the garden. While I don’t think DJ Hoot Hoot helped, he is kinda neat and our backyard neighbor’s toddler likes him – so I’d say that’s worth it.

The gophers ate all of the pea plants I planted and destroyed a lot of the lettuce. But the herbs have been great and we’ve been using them in our cooking all summer.

The tomato plants are HUGE! We have started to get a few ripe cherry tomatoes that we’ve been adding to our salads.

We’ve also gotten a few jalapeno peppers that we used for a tex mex salad with some barbequed shredded pork that I’ve taken to keeping in the freezer at all times. It was super good and perfect for a hot summer day.

The other peppers are just starting to grow.

We’ve also got a ton of carrots coming in. I didn't thin them out as much as I probably should have. So we’ll see how that goes later this summer.


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