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We’re Trying to Grow a Garden: Part 2

As I mentioned about a week ago Matt and I have been trying to grow a garden. Even though not a lot of time has passed I think a lot has changed in our garden already, so an update is warranted!

Well, the biggest theme in our garden so far has been chipmunks. They apparently eat everything! Well, not everything, just all the lettuce. (And a few bean sprouts I transplanted to the lower garden bed!)

I spoke with my Aunt who is an avid gardener with a very green thumb suggested covering the lettuce plants. She had these wire cages she gave us to try, so far I think it’s working and Matt and I may be making a few more this weekend!

I also apparently did not plant my peas and carrots correctly. I just dumped the bag our in the garden and raked them in. They were supposed to be spaced out a bit more… This is the pea sprouts after being thinned out a few days ago. Quite a few more sprouts have sprouted since then and it looks like I need to thin it again this weekend! Once the carrots are a bit bigger, they will also need to be thinned out to give them some space to grow.

The last item on our garden to do list this weekend is some support structure for the tomato and pepper plants to help with the wind we’ve been having.

How has your garden been going?


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