Flower and Sugar

My First Macaroon

Matt and I recently went to New Orleans for a two day study session I signed up for (intense). We had two close friends of ours who were also in New Orleans at the same time and the four of us spent an extra day in New Orleans checking out the city. One of my favorite parts of the day was taking the trolley to the Garden District. We saw the above ground graveyards and neat architecture of the houses, but we also stumbled on some cute shops. One of them was Sucre, a baking shop with cute cupcakes, fancy chocolates, mini cakes, and … macaroons!

I have wanted to try a macaroon for a while. They are extremely temperamental and I consider making them a baking challenge that I would like to work my way up to. They had crispy shells, with a gooey cookie, and sweet buttercream frosting. We got a small box to try a few and brought them back to Wisconsin with us. They packaged them well with minimal breakage. My favorite was hazelnut and Matt’s favorite was salted caramel.


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