Flower and Sugar

Madison Farmers Market

We try to make it to the Farmer’s Market a couple times each year. It features local seasonal produce, artisanal cheeses, real maple syrup, and local bakers. Today I had three things I wanted: Hook’s three year aged cheddar, maple syrup, and pumpkins. As you will likely soon learn, I love everything pumpkin, I think it is mostly the pumpkin pie spice you get to add to it, but you are adding a vegetable to baked goods which is always a plus. Unfortunately, even though I have been pretending it is late October at home with my fall candles and hot chocolate, it is not. There were no pumpkins to speak of, I looked.

Fortunately there were some great prices on some nice local seasonal produce. We got our cheddar and maple syrup as well as tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and sweet corn! Looking forward to some tasty healthy meals this week!


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